This album, once again, contains all LeBlanc compositions and it represents a cross section of some of LeBlanc songs.  Like his first recording, all of the vocals on this album are sung by Donjames LeBlanc and all of the guitars and some of the bass guitar tracks are played by him.  The germ for this albums was struck while Donjames was driving to Hollywood, California in his pick-up truck pulling a 5th wheel.  This 5th wheel used to be the property of his father, Regis, from whom he bought it…it had sentimental value but it was sold in 1992.  This albums includes a country-rock tune, a waltz, an ‘Eagles-Type’ song (great lyrics), a driven-picking song about a true-blood Canadien, a funk tune, a rock-ballad, a swinging rock tune, a new-wave song, a country rock, rock-disco and a Bossa Nova.  Donjames LeBlanc handles  all of the vocals including the vocal harmony and, of course, he plays all the guitars; he can also be heard playing bass guitar.


  • ‘Beatin The Pavement’, the title of the album is the name of the first track.  It is a country-rock tune with a Memphis beat.  The lyric is about getting that almighty record deal.  The idea for this song came while Donjames was driving his Dodge pick-up truck and Vanguard 5th-wheel trailer to Hollywood, California from Saskatchewan, Canada.  
  • ‘Bye Bye My Lady My Love’ has an old-time waltz beat.  This ‘catchy’ melody and lyric suggest the difficulties one might have trying to say goodbye to a loved one.  
  • ‘Why’d You Ever Leave Me Girl’ is a ballad.  The idea for this song came while observing the many losers which line Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.
  • ‘Guitar Pickin Man’ is a country-rock guitar picking song with a  drivin’ beat.  The lyric discusses the guitar and how central it is to all types of modern music.  
  • ‘Superfunk’ like the title suggests, is a funk-rock disco tune.  The lyric tells you how one might dance to funk.  
  • ‘Let The Light Shine’ is a rock-ballad with an inspirational message to follow your light.
  • ‘Love Me’ is best described as a swing-rock.  The beat will remind you that what is old is new with a new-wave flavour.  
  • ‘Kisses Wine and Roses’ is suited for weddings.  This ballad combines kisses, wine and roses into symbols of love.  It contains three-part vocal harmony all sung by Donjames LeBlanc.  
  • ‘I’d Like You To Love Me’ is a new-wave rock tune which expresses ones need for love.  
  • ‘Never Called Back’ is a country-rock song about how people sometimes break the simplest of promises.
  • ‘My Woman’ has a rock-disco flavour…about an ideal woman.  For rhythm effect, a phaser and flanger were used to give the guitar a particular sound.  
  • ‘Dreaming Being Living In Love’ is a Bossa Nova which has an esoteric quality.  

To date, the most popular and most played songs from this album are ‘Bye Bye My Lady My Love’, ‘Why’d You Ever Leave Me Girl’, ‘Guitar Pickin Man’ and ‘Superfunk’.  This album is available on LP vinyl and cassette as well as compact disc.                           


Cet album est disponible en 33 1/3 vinyl, cassette et compact disc.  Toutes les chansons étaient essentiellement enregistrées en anglais en studio à Hollywood, Californie sinon quelques doublage accomplis à Calgary, Alberta.  <<Beatin The Pavement>> le DC-Titre Piste, est une chanson au rythme Memphis au sujet de Donjames LeBlanc en route vers Hollywood en recherche <<des cuivres>> en musique.  De plus il y a des country-valses, country-rock, funk, ballad, slow, fusion-rock et les latines-rock rythmes dans ce microsillon.

Encore, le composition et le présentation de toutes les guitares et les vocalisation des chansons sont exécutées de Donjames LeBlanc.  Il y a beaucoup de Plectre à Guitare à vous plaire dans cet album!

Product Number:  MMCD102, LPSMM102(Vinyl), LPSMMC102 (cassette)
Written and Arranged by Donald J. LeBlancProduced by Donald J. LeBlanc
Recorded in Hollywood, California and Calgary, Alberta
CD mastered by EK Sound, Calgary, Alberta
Manufactured and Distributed by DJL/Music Machine Records