LeBlanc, Donald James…b. 7 Mar, Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada. Musician (guitar, tenor banjo, electric bass); Singer; Composer, Songwriter, Producer. Education: Bachelor of Arts (English Literature), Bachelor of Education (Business Systems with distinction); Courses towards Master’s Degree in French for teaching in elementary and high school. Musical Education: Self taught, now reads music…briefly studied violin at 8 years old. Formerly a member of the parish choir for St John The Baptist Roman Catholic Church, Estevan, Saskatchewan. Donald also sang in choirs all through his high-school years at Estevan Collegiate Institute. Farmer (Municpality of Cambria). He was for a time in business with his father, Regis LeBlanc in LeBlanc’s Frozen Food Centre.


Played local bands and in “The Western Five” in teen years…played tenor banjo and then lead guitar; Leader own band “Canadian Crescendos”. Played lead guitar for “The Martels” and Bobby Curtola with own television show called “After Four” out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Toured extensively in North America. Played electric bass and banjo for “Flo Dreyer’s International Quartet” out of Florida, USA…also did some featured Tenor Banjo work in this group.

Played lead guitar and vocals in “The Electric Banana” out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Did extensive freelance guitar work with many groups in Regina, Saskatchewan during University years such as playing the big jazz-band sounds as well as playing with fiddle and accordion and pop groups.

Solo Artist, 1976 formed group called “Don LeBlanc’s Music Machine”. Own record companies: Music Machine Records, DJL Records; Publishing company, Don LeBlanc Enterprises. Recordings …Albums: “Don LeBlanc and his Guitar”, 1977 (on vinyl –17 tracks, and on CD April 2010–20 tracks); “Beatin The Pavement” (on Vinyl, Cassette and Compact Disc) 1981;“Don LeBlanc Country”, 1st release Sept. 1990, 2nd release Aug. 1997 (both releases on Compact Disc);“Dream and Smile”, Jan. 1997 on Compact Disc; “Too Much Too Hot”, Aug. 1999 on Compact Disc…contains a collection of 8 – 45 rpm single releases plus two new songs…these single releases are all on this CD… their names are “How The Worm Turns” (novelty), 1979, ”Too Much/The Magic Penny”, 1980, “Believe In Magic/She’s A Secretary” 1983, “Her Kind of Love/The Woman I Can’t Have” 1987, “How Did She Do It” 1989, “Playin A Game” and “Buyin Time” were the two new songs added to this “Too Much Too Hot” 1999 CD release (10 songs). One other 45 rpm single was released in 1979 called “Rockabye Baby” which is still available. It must be noted that one of Donjames LeBlanc’s songs is also available on a compilation CD…the song is called “You’ll Drive Your Friends Away”…it’s on the label, Canada Disc and Tape Inc. (…this song is also found on MMCD103 “Don LeBlanc Country” mentioned above. “L’il Acadian Boy/Petit Gars Acadien” MMCD106, 2004 is Donjames LeBlanc’s third latest Compact Disc release. It contains 18 bilingual songs (9 english and 9 french). It has been sent to radio in Europe as well as North America. “No Future In The Past”, track 6 (English), track 15 (French) is most popular as well as “Good Ol’ You”, track 3 (English), track 12 (French). “One Life To Live/Une Vie À Vivre” MMCD107, May 2005 is Donjames LeBlanc’s latest vocal Compact Disc; it contains 16 bilingual songs (8 english and 8 french).
It has been sent to key country radio stations in Canada, United States and France; it was also sent to some select adult-contemporary radio stations in Canada. This one song ‘Rescued On The Fence/Sauvé Sur La Cloture’ from the CD “One Life To Live” was sent by DMDS (Digital Music Delivery Service) to 23 country & satellite radio stations in English Canada and to 10 radio stations in French Canada. It is quite popular. “The songs, HELP THEY’RE HUNGRY/AU SECOURS, ILS ONT FAIM & CANDY WORDS/MOTS SUCRÉS have been sent to radio via DMDS as singles. These songs are extraits of the Compact Disc, “ONE LIFE TO LIVE/UNE VIE À VIVRE”

“Guitar Serenade” DJLCD108 May 2005 by Donjames LeBlanc is a ‘Classic’ Instrumental Compact Disc of 14 GOLD Guitar Instrumentals

A MUSICIAN FOR ALL SEASONS – DJLCD109 – July 2008 by Donjames LeBlanc is a “Classical Guitar” Instrumental Compact Disque. It contains 16 melodies: 14 are solo guitar of 18th & 19th century classical melodies and 2 (La Malguena and Classical Gas from the modern era) have full orchestra accompaniment.

‘My Home Is SASKATCHEWAN’ MMCD110 – July 2013 – This CD is comprised of my vocal, several different rhythm and lead guitar styles, steel guitar, drums, piano, saxophone and flute…the first time I’ve had sax and flute in some of my songs. Like my former abums, it was an intense experience to create this album with myself as songwriter, singer, arranger, producer and studio session musician. ‘Hang Out’ and ‘They’re Boxers, She’s A Knockout’ are Rockabilly Country; ‘Mad Over You’ is a laid-back Adult-Contemporary Country Ballad; ‘Looking For My Dream’ and ‘Wanna Make House With Me’ are traditional Country; ‘Your Hug Stays With Me’, ‘Heart-throbs and Heartaches’, ‘Do You Come Here Often’ and ‘Raindrops Of Love’ are laid-back easy listening selections with an up beat; ‘My Home Is SASKATCHEWAN’ is about Saskatchewan delivered in Donjames LeBlanc style; ‘Turtledoves In Love’ discusses how birds seem to be in luv too. ‘Christmas Reborn’ leaves you with some ideas about what Christmas could be like and it might be classified in the religious category.


YOU KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF–released July 31, 2017…MMCD111.  All of the 15 songs were composed or written by Donald James LeBlanc (Donjames LeBlanc).  All of the instrumental or accompaniment background is played by Donjames as well as all of the vocals.  You will hear several lead guitars, electric and acoustic rhythm guitars, tenor banjo, electric bass guitar, music synthesizer instruments as well as piano keyboards.  The second track, “You Knock My Socks Off” is the title of the CD.  LeBlanc also arranged and self-produced all of the songs.  He is very proud of this tremendous work.   “Enjoy The Little Things” is successful as well as “Imagine All The People”, “Fried Chicken Trot”, “Straw Is Flyin” … not to forget to mention “You Knock My Socks Off”; in short all of the 15 songs are a very good listen.  They are my gift to you.