Don LeBlanc and his Guitar

This is Donjames LeBlanc’s (Artist Name) first solo career album; it was recorded in 1976 at Calaart Studios in Regina, Saskatchewan and was published in early 1977.

Donjames LeBlanc is very proud of his first album and extra proud of the 4 songs he wrote for it: ‘All Things Are Done’, and ‘Hopin’ are vocals; ‘Back Up’ and ‘Lullaby Waltz’ are guitar instrumentals. ‘Lullaby Waltz’ is very popular. Some other songs on the album he did not write, but equally popular are ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’ (vocal) and ‘Third Man Theme’ (guitar instrumental); they deserve special mention because they receive special treatment under the hands of the legendary Donjames LeBlanc. This is a good album and is also available on Compact Disc with 3 Bonus Instrumental Tracks (20 tracks) MMCD101. It has only 17 tracks on the Vinyl Album (LPSMM101).

As mentioned, this was Donjames LeBlanc’s (artist name) first solo recording. Amidst a multitude of interests and while holding down a full-time teaching job as a high-school teacher, he found time to share a diverse sampling of his music. In addition to an exceptionally fine Guitar style, the instrumental and vocal numbers on this album were selected so that they could be appreciated by all age groups. You will find this recording opens the door to some of the most popular tunes of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Then too, there are four original compositions guaranteed to capture your approval. Whether it be a ballad, a waltz, a country, a latin or a rock beat, this album is sure to please your musical taste.

“BACK UP” track 13 (digitally remastered) was released to Radio in May 2010.

Voici le premier microsillon de Donjames LeBlanc disponible seulement à ce moment en 33 vinyle. Alors, il portait une grande barbe laquelle était à la mode en 1977. Dans cet album, il n’ y a pas de chansons avec les paroles françaises…anglaises seulement. Cependant, des 17 sélections (vinyl album), 11 pistes sont de la guitares instrumentales, et 6 sélections sont vocalisés! Le CD se porte 20 selections (14 instrumentale et 6 vocal). Parmi les meilleures chansons instrumentales de cet album sont les chants lesquels s’appellent « Carioca », « It Happened In Monterey », « Girl From Ipanema », « Third Man Theme » et « Perfidia ». « Are You Lonesome Tonight » est une chanson chanté…très, très bien reçu partout!

Ce microsillon porte un grand sélection des mélodies et rythmes variés pour être certain de vous plaire au fond !


1 Treat Her Right* (Vocal)
2 Carioca * (Instrumental)
3 All Things Are Done ** (Vocal/written by LeBlanc)
4 Gunshot * (Instrumental)
5 Are You Lonesome Tonight* (Vocal)
6 Who’ll Stop The Rain* (Vocal)
7 It’s Nice To Be With You* (Vocal)
8 Hopin** (Vocal/written by LeBlanc)
9 Anniversary Waltz* (Instrumental)
10 Charades* (Instrumental)
11 Third Man Theme* (Instrumental)
12 By The Time I Get To Phoenix* (Instrumental)
13 Back Up** (Instrumental/written by LeBlanc)
14 It Happened In Monterey* (Instrumental)
15 Girl From Ipanema* (Instrumental)
16 Perfidia* (Instrumental)
17 Lullaby Waltz** (Instrumental/written by LeBlanc)
18. (CD Bonus) Cold Turkey Hop** (Instrumental/written by LeBlanc)
19. (CD Bonus) Tammy*
20. (CD Bonus) Cactus Polka*
* Artist & Production are Canadian
** 100% Canadian


Product Number: LPSMM101 (vinyl album) MMCD101 (compact disc)
Four of the Songs are Written by Donald J. LeBlanc
All Songs are Arranged and Produced and performed by Donald J. LeBlanc
Recorded at Calaart Studios, Regina, Saskatchewan
Compact Disc Mastered at EK Sound, Calgary, Alberta
Manufactured and Distributed by Music Machine Records