Don LeBlanc Country

This 1990 debut in digital for THE LEGENDARY Donjames LeBlanc (artist name), opens with a ballad followed by a traditional two-step, a country-rock, a bright two-step, a light country-rock, and a latin-country. A Dixieland-swing marks a change of pace; it is followed by by a bouncy western song a novelty country-rock, a solid two-step, a southern style C & W, and a rockin’ finale. Donjames LeBlanc plays all of the guitars once again (4 of them), and does the vocals too…there’s also harmony vocals. Like Donjames, all of the players on this compact disc are studio musicians. Once again, all of these songs were written, arranged and produced by Donald J. LeBlanc, and yes, he even did the graphics and layout. On this Compact Disc, the songs which have received the most airplay are “I’m So Lonesome I’m Cryin”, “I Had A Feeling”, ‘Today Is My Birthday’, and “In The Movies”. You will be proud to have this album in your musical library. For the most part, this Compact Disc has an Adult-Pop/Contemporary Feel. The success of this CD prompted Music Machine Records to release it a second time in 1997.

Ce disque compact était un bon succès. « I’m So Lonesome I’m Cryin », « Today Is My Birthday », « I Must Be A Mushroom » et « In The Movies » recevaient beaucoup de jouissance à la radio à travers le monde. D’abord enregistré et laché en 1990, il était lâché au monde musicale une deuxième fois en 1997 à cause du popularité! En 1997, la chanson, « Today Is My Birthday » était mis en avant à cause des paroles d’ anniversaire et le mélodie attirant s’adressant à tout age. Ce DC est bien disposé pour tous! Il est sûr de vous plaire!


1 Love Gives You a Reason
2 I’m So Lonesome I’m Cryin
3 Hypnotic Eyes
4 I’ll Keep Fallin In Love
5 Stayin Together Living Apart
6 I Had A Feeling
7 Today Is My Birthday
8 Daddy’s Hand Dance
9 I Must Be A Mushroom
10 In The Movies
11 Toby Bill
12 You’ll Drive Your Friends Away


Product Number MMCD103
Written and Arranged by Donald J. LeBlanc
Produced by Donald J. LeBlanc
Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee
Mastered by Lacquer Channel, Toronto
Manufactured and Distributed by Music Machine Records