Guitar Serenade

GUITAR SERENADE released May 2005 by Donjames LeBlanc is a Compact Disc Album of 14 GOLD ‘classic’ Guitar Instrumentals. It was recorded on location at Donjames’ DJL digital recording studio. “Guitar Serenade” contains several lead-guitar stereo tracks plus several stereo rhythm-guitar tracks by Donjames, as well as stereo accompaniment tracks arranged, produced and played on music-sequencer instruments. This is a very ‘clean’ relaxing Compact Disc! You might even want to dance!

Ce Disque Compact instrumentale guitare est plein de paix; il contient les rythmes latines, polka, adulte-contemporaine, valse, slow, jazz, du swing, boogie-woogie et jazz-pop. Ce Disque Compact s’est fait pour vous détendre. La musique est bien douce et sobre.


01. Spanish Eyes
02. Clarinet Polka
03. Days of Wine and Roses
04. Rosalinda Waltz
05. Yellow Bird
06. Mr. Sandman
07. Siesta Time
08. Watch What Happens
09. Arly’s Waltz
10. Sweet Georgia Brown
11. Wave
12. Guitar Boogie Shuffle
13. Lumberjack Polka
14. Summertime


Product No: DJLCD108
Arranged and Produced by Donald J. LeBlanc
Recorded on location at DJL/Music Machine Studios
Manufactured and Distributed by DJL/Music Machine Records