L’il Acadian Boy/Petit Gars Acadien

Released in the summer 2004 is the CD by Donjames LeBlanc entitled L’IL ACADIAN BOY/PETIT GARS ACADIEN. Donjames is very proud of this new release because he is Acadian/Acadien at his roots. This multi-talented legendary musician/songwriter/ singer/ from Saskatchewan who also works out of Nashville has released L’il Acadian Boy/Petit Gars Acadien” (18 songs) which features nine of his original compositions performed in English and the same 9 repeated in French, reflecting his Irish and French heritage. The album’s title track, and the song Banished Acadian will have particular significance for 2004 and beyond; 2004 marks celebrations recognizing the 400th Anniversary of the Acadians in North America…especially in Nova Scotia (Acadie), the original homeland of Acadians.

On this Compact Disc, all songs are written, arranged and produced by Donjames LeBlanc. Donjames plays all of the guitars and the banjo too and, of course, does all of the vocals along with his band…all top-rate Nashville studio musicians. Two of the songs are about the heart and soul of Acadiens. “Banished Acadian” is a true account of the exile or deportation. Several of the songs are new country. Donjames’s preference is “All the Time” and “Truck Driver” (jazz flavour). “No Future in The Past” is straight country, “Dance With Me” falls into the latin category. “Don’t Even Know Your Name” is pop. Give them a listen! “I Love You Girl” and “Good Ol’ You” are also a very good listen!

Il y a deux chansons à ce Disque Compact lesquelles se discutent des Acadiens: « Petit Gars Acadien » et « L’Acadien Banni ». Pour commémorer 400 ans depuis l’arrivée des Acadiens (1604-2004), ce disque compact aura un impact à l’histoire pour bien des années à venir. Les 18 chansons à ce DC se présentent de 9 chants en français, les mêmes 9 se répètent en anglais.

A ce disque compact, il y a des rythmes variés incluant country-jazz, pop, latine, amour et country-traditionnelle tout enregistrés en studio à Nashville. Donjames LeBlanc joue de toutes les guitares, du banjo et chante chacun des chansons.


1 L’il Acadian Boy
2 Dance With Me
3 Good Ol’ You
4 All The Time
5 Truck Driver
6 No Future In The Past
7 Don’t Even Know Your Name
8 Banished Acadian
9 I Love You Girl
10 Petit Gars Acadien
11 Danse Avec Moi
12 Mon Vieux
13 Tout Le Temps
14 Camionneur
15 Pas De Futur Au Passé
16 Ne Sais Même Pas Ton Nom
17 L’Acadien Banni
18 Je T’Aime Ma Fille


Product No. MMCD106
Written and Arranged by Donald J. LeBlanc
Produced by Donald J. LeBlanc
Recorded at Hilltop Recording Studio,
Nashville, Tennesee
Mastered by Peter Bond, Toronto
Manufactured and Distributed by Music Machine Records