My Home is Saskatchewan

Donjames LeBlanc from Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada – The Energy Capital.

Saskatchewan, inland prairie province of W Canada. Fifth largest of Canadian provinces, it is probably North America’s most important wheat-growing region.

I am very proud of my songs; I call them my children! What a satisfying thrill it is when I take a small “germ” of a song and develop the lyric and melody until it begins to live as a cohesive whole. This CD is comprised of my vocal, several different rhythm and lead guitar styles, steel guitar, drums, piano, saxophone and flute…the first time I’ve had sax and flute in some of my songs. Like my former abums, it was an intense experience to create this album with myself as songwriter, singer, arranger, producer and studio session musician. ‘Hang Out’ and ‘They’re Boxers, She’s A Knockout’ are Rockabilly Country; ‘Mad Over You’ is a laid-back Adult-Contemporary Country Ballad; ‘Looking For My Dream’ and ‘Wanna Make House With Me’ are traditional Country; ‘Your Hug Stays With Me’, ‘Heart-throbs and Heartaches’, ‘Do You Come Here Often’ and ‘Raindrops Of Love’ are laid-back easy listening selections with an up beat; ‘My Home Is SASKATCHEWAN’ is about Saskatchewan delivered in Donjames LeBlanc style; ‘Turtledoves In Love’ discusses how birds seem to be in luv too. ‘Christmas Reborn’ leaves you with some ideas about what Christmas could be like and it might be classified in the religious category.

Je suis Acadien au souche and je suis très fière d’être Acadien. Pour le plupart de ma vie, la langue anglaise était forcé à la gorge. Toutefois, avec perseverance, j’ ai appris la langue de mon père et mes ancestres. Maintenant, je suis bilingue dans les deux langues officielles du Canada. La langue française doit être disponible dans notre systeme de justice en Saskatchewan…c’est une bataille continuelle!”My Home is Saskatchewan” est à 100% anglaise en ce moment. Au futur, j’ espère de lancer une version française!



Product No. MMCD110
Written, Arranged & Produced by Donald J. LeBlanc
Published by Don LeBlanc Enterprises for Music Machine Records
Manufactured & Distributed by DJL/Music Machine Records, Box 541, Station Main, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada