Donjames LeBlanc is a veteran of “multi-format” music. Most describe his style as progressive, danceable and happy targeted towards pop, pop-country, lite rock and adult contemporary with a touch of jazz for good measure…lots of singing and lots of instrumentals…some latins too…everything from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the millennium!

Donjames LeBlanc continues to reach for the brass ring of entertainment. He has several albums/compact discs published by Don LeBlanc Enterprises on DJL Records and Music Machine Records. DJ’s POP PICKS from Music-Town, Nashville, Tennessee selected the Don LeBlanc composition, TOO MUCH, as the No 6 choice out of the top 10 for the souvenir edition of the World’s Fair.

Donjames performs in clubs, restaurants and lounges as well as for corporate events with a full-live band across North America as the need arises and/or as a single act using his computer when the need arises which makes him sound like a six-piece band. He also performs live solo as a CLASSICAL GUITARIST (see website for repertoire). Because of his Acadien roots, he has gained fans in Acadie, Quebec and the Southern United States not to forget that he comes from Saskatchewan, Canada where he first gained recognition.

Donjames LeBlanc is described as an excellent guitarist/musician/singer /songwriter with a very agreeable commerce…amiable, cultured, diligent and unimpeachable beyond reproach. Wherever he plays, he is well liked.