Too much too hot

Once again, all of the music and all of the lyrics are composed, sung and played by western Canada’s legendary Donjames LeBlanc. This Compact Disc is close to what many remember country music to have been just before it began to cross over. It’s emotional but not passionate, melodic and not shallow. And it’s danceable. Hearing it, one can picture couples dancing on a Saturday night in say, Bakersfield, California. All tracks are very refreshing. Everything was written, arranged and produced by Donald J. LeBlanc. All of the guitars are played by Donjames LeBlanc along with top studio players. The CD, with the exception of two songs “Buyin Time” and “Playin A Game” (brand new releases) is a collection of 45 rpm releases ALL from the GOLDEN 1980s. Two of Don’s favourites are “Believe In Magic” and “The Woman I Can’t Have”. “Too Much” (track 3) was chosen for the pop picks for the souvenir edition of the World’s Fair in Nashville a few years ago!

Ce Disque Compact est à 100% chanté en anglais. Toutes les 10 chansons sont composés et chantés par Donjames LeBlanc. Le plupart des chansons étaient écrits et enregistrés à Hollywood, Californie. Bien sûr, il y a bien des chants d’amour, de rock, de country, et un peu différent…un chant au sujet des vers « How The Worm Turns » (c’est comique). Le dernier chant, « She’s A Secretary » (deuxième version enregistré à Nashville) donne des mots d’ honneur aux secrétaires au monde de commerce. Pour le plupart, c’est un compilation des 45 tours. Le chant s’appelle « Too Much » était bien populaire dans les années 80!


1 The Magic Penny
2 How The Worm Turns
3 Too Much
4 Believe In Magic
5 Her Kind of Love
6 The Woman I Can’t Have
7 Playin A Game
8 How Did She Do It
9 Buyin Time
10 She’s A Secretary


Product Number MMCD105
Written and Arranged by Donald J. LeBlanc
Produced by Donald J. LeBlanc
Recorded at various studios in Hollywood, Nashville and Calgary
Mastered at EK Sound, Calgary, Alberta
Manufactured and Distributed by Music Machine Records