You knock my socks off


1 Enjoy the little things
2 You knock my socks off
3 Imagine all the people
4 Pockets of love
5 A kiss can write a secret
6 Fried chicken trot
7 Straw is flyin
8 Nothing last forever
9 Brown school
10 The walk of the town
11 I love you more each day
12 Rockin all night
13 Love is everywhere
14 You’re my favourite current event
15 Caught in the same old trap

About the Songs

  • The essence of my song, ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS, says, one day you may look back at your life and realize the little things were the big things.
  • YOU KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF, how women in general and when they dance, turn me upside down because women are man’s heart-light; this is what moved me to write this song. So thanks ladies.
  • IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE…living in peace and love; that’s what we’re supposed to be doing.
  • POCKETS OF LOVE says in effect, I want to empty the love in my heart and give everything to you.
  • A KISS CAN WRITE A SECRET…in all honesty, a kiss goes beyond acquaintanceship; it seals love as certified.
  • FRIED CHICKEN TROT…we had lots of chickens on our farm, we ate chickens a bunch, on Sunday after Mass, and even when company came.
  • STRAW IS FLYIN is questions about what makes wheat grow and how the babe’s I know keep my heart sighing.
  • NOTHING LAST FOREVER…one should make everyday special cause only eternity lasts forever.
  • BROWN SCHOOL was where I gained most of my elementary education in a rural setting; I even got beat up there by the looney teacher.
  • THE WALK OF THE TOWN…her name was !!! from my home town; her walk made my temperature rise and there was no disguise.
  • I LOVE YOU MORE EACH DAY…how many different ways is love expressed to that special someone?
  • ROCKIN ALL NIGHT…it’s saturday night and like we did of old, let’s rock the whole night long at the dance hall.
  • LOVE IS EVERYWHERE…everything in nature on the earth and up above right down to human beings expresses love.
  • YOU’RE MY FAVOURITE CURRENT EVENT…since the love of your life is always present, she/he is always the focus of your love.
  • CAUGHT IN THE SAME OLD TRAP says I’m caught in the bonds of love, so come what may, these bonds of love I will obey.


Product Number MMCD111
Written & arranged & produced & performed by Donjames LeBlanc
© Donald James LeBlanc
℗ Don LeBlanc Enterprises