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Written over 400 songs and the list is growing. Repertoire of more than 650 songs in many styles. Coast to Coast tours.

The Legendary Donjames LeBlanc

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Funk is music that combines elements of rhythm & blues & soul and

that is characterized by a percussive vocal style, static harmonies and a strong bass line.

 I Love Funk!

Donjames LeBlanc’s song SUPERFUNK released to radio March 10, 2016!

“All I Need Is Your Love” and “Banished Acadian” included with this send to radio via DMDS

English… SUPERFUNK among others is available via this website through ‘ReverbNation’.  To download click on the ReverbNation ‘Red-Star Icon’ above, then Click Donjames LeBlanc as “Artist” in upper right corner, then  “Content”, then “Songs” and then download the song of your choice.  You’ll need a credit card.

Français…SUPERFUNK, parmi les autres est disponible via ce siteweb-çi par <<ReverbNation>>.  Afin de décharger à ReverbNation, cliquer l’étoile rouge <<Icône>> en haut, puis clic Donjames LeBlanc comme <<Artist>> au coin en haut droit, puis <<content>>, puis <<songs/chants>> et puis décharge le chanson de choix; il vous faut une carte à crèdit.


August 6, 2015…TRUCK DRIVER… released internationally...the french version, CAMIONNEUR  bien lancé  internationallement!  March 10/16 “The Girl On The Ladder” also available from Tunecore and others.  CHRISTMAS REBORN was also released recently durng the 2015 xmas season.   Buy/download from this website (ReverbNation) or from:  TUNECORE, ITUNES, SPOTIFY, AMAZON, RDIO, GOOGLE PLAY, EMUSIC, SIMFY, DEEZER, RHAPSODY, X-BOX LIVE, MIX RADIO, MUVE MUSIC and others.  You’ll need a credit card

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Product No.  MMCD110

Written, Arranged & Produced by Donald J. LeBlanc

Published by Don LeBlanc Enterprises for Music Machine Records

Manufactured & Distributed by DJL/Music Machine Records, Box 541, Station Main, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

 Donjames LeBlanc from Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada…The Energy Capital.

Saskatchewan, inland prairie province of W Canada.  Fifth largest of Canadian provinces, it is probably North America’s most important wheat-growing region.

I am very proud of my songs; I call them my children!   What a satisfying thrill it is when I take a small “germ” of a song and develop the lyric and melody until it begins to live as a cohesive whole.  This CD is comprised of my vocal, several different rhythm and lead guitar styles, steel guitar, drums, piano, saxophone and flute…the first time I’ve had sax and flute in some of my songs.  Like my former abums, it was an intense experience to create this album with myself as songwriter, singer, arranger, producer and studio session musician.  


Biography – Biographie

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LeBlanc, Donald James…b. 7 Mar, Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Musician (guitar, tenor banjo, electric bass); Singer; Composer, Songwriter, Producer.  Education:  Bachelor of Arts (English Literature), Bachelor of Education (Business Systems with distinction); Courses towards Master’s Degree in French for teaching in elementary and high school.  Musical Education:  Self taught, now reads music…briefly studied violin at 8 years old.   Formerly a member of the parish choir for St John The Baptist Roman Catholic Church, Estevan, Saskatchewan.  Donald also sang in choirs all through his high-school years at Estevan Collegiate Institute.
Telephone:  306 201 9165 LeBlanc… DVD’s  of performances at ‘Lake Ontario, Toronto’ and DVD  ‘Classical Guitar Moments…Live’ at conservatory are currently for sale thru

Twitter account:  @LeDJL…Facebook:  Donjames LeBlanc

Don LeBlanc Enterprises in association with DJL Records and Music Machine Records PRESENTS… the LEGENDARY Donjames LeBlanc.

Si vous voulez entendre un musicien, chansonnier, interprète professionnel en spectacle pour votre divertissement et danse à toute la famille, vous serez bien contenter d’acquérir les services musicales de Donjames LeBlanc.

He has written over 400 SINGING songs, an eclectic mix of music. In addition, he has a repertoire of more than 650 songs which includes 200 soft-pop/adult contemporary, light jazz, EZ listening and country-guitar instrumentals and hundreds of selections for Classical Guitar.

Donald James LeBlanc plays electric lead-guitar as well as rhythm & lead guitar on various electric, acoustic and classical guitar models…he also plays tenor banjo and electric bass guitar. He is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, performer, producer with live studio-musician backing when the need arises! HE ALSO DOES A SOLO ACT WHICH SOUNDS LIKE A 6-PIECE BAND!!! This is very popular with adult/contemporary music lovers. See his guitar instrumental song list examples. Donjames LeBlanc also plays his own song repertoire plus some of the more popular tunes from today’s charts.


The audio system quality of DJL performances is smooth, even, and controllable.   To contract engagements, email, or telephone 306 201 9165

NCM/CD Review of ONE LIFE TO LIVE/Donjames LeBlanc:

“Country…but not country to the core, here’s an audio CD from a super-inventive singer-songwriter with an inventive touch, soft nostalgic ear and commercial appeal.  Canadian Donjames deserves to earn discriminating acclaim for artistic creativity  This most recent projet musters folk roots and then he mixes-in contemporary touches with professional ease and progressive style.  Several potential standards are herewith included if greatly exposed!  Yes a definitie talent in creativity and in picking good subject-content pitched to the average MOR country-musical appetite!  It’s refreshing hearing unfamiliar songs with a different edge.  Always the repertoire is plesurable and sentimentalizng , and engaging.  

Paul Davis, Author”